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I will be working with a rodeo theme this new school year. We will make the class and most activities a rodeo style of cowboys and cowgirls. In our very small town of Kaplanville, we are the county seat. Our schools close for our yearly one week long Kaplan Festival. We have the parade festival on that Friday and there is no school for the children. It is a real rodeo parade with dozens of horses, Indians and lots of homemade floats. The whole week is all for the Kaplan Festival and to have the four H children show their prize cows and pigs. The biggest and best thing for most is the main event the rodeo. The children in my class love the rodeo and the theme I picked is perfect for all of them. The kindergarten class (ages five and six) will need to have learning centers to help them learn the basics of their A, B, C’s and to learn how to play nicely with other children. Cognitive The writing center will help with learning their vocabulary, how to create, and how to draw and place words and pictures. Two or three students will work together to make a poster or a sign for a birthday, parent or some other event. They will need to go through the magazines, old Christmas, birthday, or valentine cards for a picture to go with the event and then work at what the poster or sign is to say. They will have paper of different textures and all colors, shapes, and sizes to use. On the desk will be a child’s dictionary, a word wall to help them with words, letter stencils, and the basics of crayons, colored pencils, stickers, stamps and ink pads, markers and pens. Another part at the writing center would be for the students to create a card, or letter. There would be samples posted on the wall next to the center to give them ideas on what to write and how to design their masterpiece. They will be learning colors, shapes, vocabulary and the most important to me

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