Rocking Horse Winner Critical Analysis

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I found the Rocking Horse Winner to be a fascinating read. It illustrated the determination of a child to win his mother’s affection at whatever cost. Further we can draw how this affection is of great importance in a child’s life. In the beginning, Paul symbolized innocence in midst of a corrupt world. However we learn how the accumulation of knowledge and experience can intrude upon one’s innocence. In the end we see how experience can adulterate even the most innocent. It explores many themes from luck and the reliance on it to gambling and how it can lead to ruins for many. But more importantly, in my estimation, a prevailing and reoccurring theme in this story is greed and it’s debilitating consequences. In the beginning of the story we are introduced to Paul’s mother, Hess. She is very despondent. She is mostly concerned with keeping up with her social standing than fulfilling her duties as a wife and mother. In her marriage, “love turned to dust”, their love grew cold. With respect to her children, she felt they were more of a hindrance to her fulfillment of material wealth. It is evident in how she felt “they had been thrust upon her” which signifies that they were more of an inconvenience than anything else. Through these portrayals we learn how greed for money leads to loss of love for others. Her greed hardened her heart and she became incapable of loving anything other than her desire for money. This insatiable appetite for more money is further confirmed when she receives a letter about an inheritance and how she would receive payment on her birthday each year for five years. Instead of rejoicing she becomes bitter because she wants it all at once. Paul’s uncle is a shallow and very egotistic individual. He is an enabler to Paul’s obsessive behavior to obtain luck. He is very much aware of the Paul’s obsessive compulsive behavior of going mad and

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