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Rock My World What are things that rock your world? Think of things that you find exciting or special to you. You may be thinking of sports or family or even food. Things that rock my world are Football, Vacations, and video games. Football is America’s sport! Football is not for the weak because if it is physical and rough. I try my hardest to e physical and gnarly to my opponent, so Quigley will not get sacked. Football is also challenging and hard. If you do not try your best every day you will not make it. You have to give one hundred percent one hundred percent of the time. Football helps me become a better man. Your character is tested every day. You have to keep under control and take criticism well, if not, football is not for you. In my opinion football is the best sport. Vacations are a great way to get away from life. When I go on vacations I love to experience different foods. If we do not experience different foods how will we know what we like. Different people and cultures are very neat to see. It is interesting to see what other people view as “cool," and it is also neat to see how they dress. I love to just get away from busy every day life and not have to worry about anything. Vacations are a great way to experience new things. I love to play video games as well. There is always someone in the world better than you, so you always want to get better. I always try my best to be better every time I play. Video games are fun because they are exciting and exhilarating. Every time I turn them on I know I am in for some excitement. When I play video games I do not have to worry about whats going on in life. They allow me to just escape from life and have fun. Video games rock my world. Things that I love to do are play football, go on vacations, and play video games. All these things are special to me. I am going to try my hardest to be the

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