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Rocks Create Low Standards I remember it like it was yesterday, the first time my mom took me outside as a baby. It was the time when she took me out of my stroller and accidentally dropped me on my head. The first thing I remember when I hit the ground was the thought that I was going to die; but then, while I was on the ground something caught my attention that kept my mind off of me dying. I saw the most boring, useless, non-productive, dementedly shaped object I had and ever will have seen in my years to come. And I started to wonder, what are these boring objects made of? Where do they come from? And how can people be so amazed by these pieces of nothing? All of a sudden, I got a vision and was told about the three different types of rock; metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous. When immense pressure, extreme heat, and chemical processes change an existing rock, it is called metamorphism and forms metamorphic rock. Most metamorphic rocks are found and formed below earth’s crust. Besides forming metamorphic rock, heat and pressure can also change one mineral into another. Scientists can tell how the rock was formed and how much heat and pressure there was at the time of the metamorphism by the composition of the rock. Metamorphic rock can also be formed by the pressure and heat from moving tectonic plates. Sedimentary rocks form when mud or lots of tiny rock particles are pushed together by pressure. There are two ways that sedimentary rocks can form. One way is by cementation, which is the process in which minerals precipitate into pore spaces between sediment grains and bind sediments together and form rock. The other way sedimentary rocks are formed is by a process called compaction. Compaction is when the volume and porosity of sediment is decreased by the weight of overlying sediments as a result of burial beneath other sediments.

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