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What kind of music do people mostly listen? A wide variety of genres are played on radio, television, mp3 players and iPods, thus offering people many choices. Some genres like pop, rock, jazz and country are popular among the listeners. Music is the voice of people; it identifies them, the place where they are from, and their feelings. Music often communicates the things which most of them are unable to. Music reflects the mood and behavior of a listener. One can get several songs from the wide variety of selections to suit their mood, taste, and choice. Among them, rock music has gained popularity since it was created in the 1950s. Many people especially teenagers and young adults tend to like rock songs due to the use of various instrument like guitars, drums, keyboards, violins, flutes, harmonicas, and trumpets. Moreover, it is fused with many genres, giving rise to diverse subgroups like pop rock, rap rock, grunge rock, nu metal, heavy metal, hard rock and folk rock. This suits the audiences of various ages, their choices of music, and their backgrounds. Lyrics in these rock songs are mostly based on young love, its complications, happiness and stress in the life of youngsters. Some are associated to social and political themes too. The way the rock music seem to resonate with various aspects of the lives of young audiences and its lyrical style makes them feel that they are not alone and offers them the mental comfort and encouragement they seek, making it appealing to the young audiences. One of America’s most popular rock bands, Linkin Park, has gained more popularity by adapting nu-metal and rap rock in their songs. Their lyrics express the feelings of the modern young adults and their taste. In Linkin Park’s song “In The End,” vocalist Mike Sinoda expresses his attempt to secure his love, singing, “Trying to hold on/ but didn’t even know/ Wasted it all

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