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|HỌC VIỆN NGOẠI GIAO |Name: | |KHOA TIẾNG ANH |Class: | TOPICS FOR FINAL SPEAKING TEST - TERM 3 - CNTA37 12/2011 1. Sports Suggested questions: 1. Which sports do you enjoy participating in more, individual or team? Explain. 2. On elementary, high school and university sports teams, should women and men play on the same team? Why? 2. Conversation Suggested questions: 1. Women are generally thought to be better conversationalists than men. Why might this be so? 2. Do you agree that “Conversation is the spice of life”? 3. Parents and children Suggested questions: 1. What factors do you think go into forming a child’s personality? 2. Some parents say: “It is not the quantity of time you spend with your children but the quality of time that matters.” Do you agree? Explain. 4. Reading Suggested questions: 1. Is reading important? Do you think that the importance of reading is increasing or decreasing? Explain. 2. What benefits does a person receive from reading books instead of magazines or newspapers? 5. Advertising Suggested questions: 1. Are you influenced by advertising? For example, when you go to the supermarket to buy the products that you’ve seen or read about? Give examples. 2. How does TV advertising differ from newspaper or magazine advertising? Which do you think is more effective? 6. Fame Suggested questions: 1. Who is the most famous person in the history of your country? Would you like to be famous some day? 2. A well-known expression is that “Fame is fleeting”. What does this mean? Why is it usually true? 7. Money Suggested questions: 1. The only thing people are interested in today is earning

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