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A Robust SOA Company Student: Beverly Roach Professor: Stephen Huber, PhD CIS 531: Enterprise Planning Architectures July 26, 2013 Updated: August 24, 2013 Abstract: According to (Peterson) , Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can be a powerful environment for integrating data, applications, and processes across an enterprise. SOA is able to facilitate integration by making it possible to create and expose services that can be used where and when they are needed with a high degree of flexibility. As pointed out by (JBoss, 2006) and (Tomas), Service-Oriented Architecture is a simple concept as well as a popular architectural paradigm1 for applications that has the potential to alleviate many long-standing IT challenges and enable many coveted business goals that have until now been very elusive. A SOA is a significant and integral part of the whole enterprise strategy and is able to harmonize business process through re-engineering with a power of enterprise technology infrastructure, and with a focus on stability and agility on the Enterprise Business Processes tier and Robustness on the SOA services tier. According to (Tomas), robustness can be very effectively applied for SOA Enterprise Solutions by two ways. The first way is by using enterprise System Engineering Support models for Short-Term solutions and the second way is by using Robustness Patterns at the lower layers of SOA architecture for Long-Term solutions. Therefore, I propose for this company a robust SOA that will introduce a services layer into the existing IT architecture. As pointed out by (Marks & Bell, 2006), by introducing a services layer into the company’s existing IT architecture, SOA can provide opportunities to isolate areas or elements of the architecture that are problematic, failure prone, or cost prohibitive. He further points out that the services layering approach

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