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Robot Essay • Introduction: A new kind of machine is making it´s entry in thise years. There has been thoughts about this machine, more then a half century. It has in a long time fascinated scientists, writers and ordinary people alike. This machine is a robot, and this kind of machine will revolutionise the human way of living in the future. The robot can be humanitys loyal servant, but it can also be mankind’s worst enemy, which may be our doom. • Main part: The robot is has allready shown it self for more then 40 years ago, but it is first in thise years that the robot is starting to become a part of our daily life. Today you can buy robot toys in all shapes and colours and robot vacum cleaners that will do their task fully automatic and even charge then self up, when they are out of power. Also the industry, like car manufactures, are also using robot to make cars or electronic. But that is just the beginning. Robot scenitists are making the new generation of robots. Robots then will be more and more human like, both in shape and mind. With the continues development of computers and processors, robots are getting more and more intelligent. Also new designs of robots make them look more like a human, then a machine. We have to realise that robots is spreading more and more, and that robots do have their good and bad sides. Robots can make our daily life so much easier, in the future. They can take care of all the boring and back-breaking work that is a part of all people’s daily life. If the robots got in production, when ordinary people could afford their very own servant robot, which would clean the house, cook, and other thing without any questions. Some robots could be designed, so they could take over the human soldiers task, and rage war against each outer. They would be more tough in the battlefield then a human would ever

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