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This age of mechanization the ultimate machine is the robot, which will take over the entire gamut of work of the human being, and render him useless. A robot is a machine that looks like a human being, with a body, arms and legs like a human's. This machine is taught to do all the possible functions of a human and with the machine at work man can rest. The machine is given any relevant orders, and it obeys and does as directed, and the work gets done. The machine is trained and nurtured to do all kinds of odd jobs. So much so good but, let us think as to what will be the final impact of so much mechanisation on life and what will be the content of the life of man. 50 years ago, it could not be possible to think in a future with innovative cell phones, internet, amazing TV set, and some others modern electronic devices that nowadays we can see everywhere. Robots are one of the most interesting inventions of the past century, according to Wikipedia, the first robot put to industrial work was called UNIMATE and it was invented in 1954. Since then, many robots have been invented in order to help people at hardworking work. At present, many factories use many sort of robots. The future is not written yet and who knows weather humans will develop new advanced generations of humanoid robots with Artificial Intelligence. Basically, future robots can help us to deal at housework and at scientific areas. At home, robots can be as helpful or more than a human being. For, example they can help disabled people at housework, even they can take care of old people. Five years ago a Japanese domestic robot called “wakamaru” was made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; his primary functions were to provide companionship to elderly and disabled people. I think that in the future many disabled people will have a domestic robot which will have specific and detailed

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