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PHYSICS PROJECT Android Robots: the computer-controlled machines Introduction In the past, the human labor and the aid of domesticated animals, both gave the efforts to build the earliest societies. When the machines were invented to perform repetitive tasks, like “lifting water and grinding grain”, and mechanics and complex mechanisms were developed, human labor became less important. As a result, more technological advances developed slightly and widely spread. Electronics was a major technological advance that led to the creation of the “autonomous robots” by William Grey in 1948. In 1954, George Devol invented a digital and programmable robot and called it “Unimate”, that later on was used to move hot metal objects by General Motors in 1960. Outline 1. Robots - what is a Robot? -What are they made of? -Robotics (the study of the robot) -Why robots were invented? -Why use Robots? -Requirements for developing a ROBOT -Architecture of ROBOTIC SYSTEM 2. Types of robots by locomotion -Stationary robots -Wheeled robots -Legged robots -Swimming robots -Flying robots 3. Types of robots by application -Hard-tasks robots -Military robots -Social-services robots -Space robots -Robots under the water -Robots with other functions 4 -Advantages -Disadvantages 5 The influence of the robots and their future 6 Next Generation Robotics…! 7 Laws of Robotics 8 Conclusion Robots What is a robot? * Definition= ‘forced work or labor’ * Czech origins * Computer-controlled machine What are they made of? * The controller ‘brain’ * Mechanical parts * Sensors Robotics * The field of study of the robots * Roboticists: people who specialize in robotics * Robotics in our lives: has a big role in education, industry, science and researches Robots Robots invention * 1948: the invention of the

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