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Robotics Ashwin M Baliga, Aaisha Shaikh Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. ,L&T Institute of Technology,Powai. Abstract-- The paper tries to deal with Robotics in the present day handled by various I. INTRODUCTION departments around the globe. Robotics is design and manufacture of intelligent machines that are programmed to perform certain tasks. They are made of a controller which acts as the brain of a computer, an arm resembling a human arm is designed according to the application, the drive which drives the robot to do a certain task, an end-effector which attaches the hand to the arm and a sensor which provides a limited feedback to the robot. Robotic architecture is mainly based on the microcontrollers. Use of integrated Robotics is one of the important applications of AI(Artificial Intelligence)and is the technology behind building and using human-like robots having artificial intelligence and human like capabilities. It is the branch of technology that deals with the design, disposition, construction, manufacture is operation, and structural of to application related robots. Robotics the sciences of electronics, engineering, mechanics, and software. Simply put, robots are machines Simply put, robots are machines that can be programmed to perform a variety of jobs, and they can range from simple machines to highly complex, computer controlled intelligent systems. microcontrollers is gained a lot of importance because of its reliability at a low cost. The microcontroller forms the heart of the embedded system that forms the brain of the majority of robots. Robotics is used for industrial automation to the extent that the terms ‘robotics and industrial automation’ have become synonyms in the industrial world. Use of highly integrated Microcontrollers allows development of II.

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