Robot vs. Human Essay

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Robot VS. Human Decades back, during the 1920s and 1930s, a textile worker called Luddite raised the fear of displacement from one's job by a superefficient machine, and this fear particularly was given the name of Technological unemployment. The theory had its day since its birth, though not so long before it was then being mocked by the argument that the growth of economy will create jobs to fill the void. But is that really the case? Robot is going to win eventually. Truly we humans are so smart and lazy that we made tools and then machines from the very beginning to reduce our physical labor of all kinds. From sticks to plows, we’ve gone from everyone needing to make food to modern agriculture with almost no one needing to make food — and yet we still have abundance. It is only natural for human labor to be replaced eventually, but how fast will this happen? Exponential growth has seen in the development of artificial intelligence. It was being estimated that 47% of all current jobs are at risk of being automated within 20 years. Think of computers, they started out as highly custom and expensive, see what are they now? And this huge demand for computers is making them both more powerful and cheaper every year. Date back to the early 1900s, horses were still the major transportation, while recently Google announced that their self-driving car has driven more than a million miles. According to Morgan Stanley, self-driving cars will be commonplace in society by 2025. These two inventions alone has left a great number of people and horses jobless. Robots are cheaper, almost infallible and most importantly, they could work 24/7. Take self-driving cars for example, Humans drivers kill 40,000 people a year with cars just in the United States. Given that self-driving cars don’t text while driving, don’t get sleepy or stupid, it easy to see them being better than

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