Robot Surgery: The Future Of Robotic Surgery

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Robotic Surgery Imagine a robot operating on you, and there is no other surgeon in the room. There might possibly be a monitor that stands in the room to make sure that the procedure goes smoothly, but that is it. Actually, the surgeon controlling the robot, possibly a da Vinci Si or Xi, is across the room, across the country, or even maybe on the other side of the world. This is the future of surgery. Today, there have been over eight hundred thousand robotic surgeries by approximately four thousand robots all across the world, and that number is only growing. The da Vinci Si and da Vinci Xi have dominated the field of robotic surgery. These robots were created by an American company Intuitive Surgical. The initial approval of these robots…show more content…
William Peine, the Director of Surgeon User Interfaces at Medtronic MITG, stated that “Robots don’t perform the surgeries, but they are tools that give the surgeon more derexity. They let you get into confined spaces. You can eliminate hand tremor, and you can be very precise and delicate. It’s as if the tips of the instruments become your fingertips.” The robot is made up of two separate, but connected sections: the tower, and the console. The tower is positioned directly over the patient during surgery. It contains the robot’s four arms—three that can hold a multitude of different surgical instruments, and a fourth that holds the system’s 3-D cameras. These arms are controlled by a computer that exactly replicates the movements of the operating surgeon. The console is where the surgeon sits and operates the robot’s controls, and he/she looks into a stereoscopic monitor that produces a magnified, high definition 3-D view of the surgical site. The surgeon manipulates the robot’s four arms by maneuvering two master controls that provide fingertip precision of movement. One woman, named Tamara Baker, suffered a severe hernia. She was a retired Clarkstown teacher and decided to get surgery by a da Vinci Si surgical robot. Tamara acknowledged that “With the old surgery, they would have had to cut me open from my chest all the way all the way to my abdomen. I was discharged two days after…show more content…
They believe they are equally or even more efficient than a robot in the surgical process. They also highly believe that the robots are an expensive addition, or possible downfall, to the American healthcare system. Too many risks are at hand, they think. They believe that they are more reliable that a piece of machinery. Robotic surgery is opening multiple windows to different opportunities in the future. Opportunities that include telemedicine or even long-distance operations. Telemedicine is the ability to communicate with a doctor or physician through a monitor or computer. The doctor would prescribe medicine or find a diagnosis of the patient’s sickness or ailment. Also, the world is going to see more long-distance operations. Robotic surgery may be the next best thing or the world’s next biggest

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