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DESCRIBING THE ROBOT This Car Intelligent can transport by itself one person from one point to a second point. The first key is using a laser range finder mounted on the top of the car; it detects other vehicles, pedestrians. From the information generate by the laser, it is possible to get a 3D image map of the environment. Also, the car is equipped with other sensors, which include: Radars, mounted on the front and rear bumpers, that allow the car to "see" far enough to be able to deal with fast traffic on freeways; A camera, it detects traffic lights A GPS, inertial measurement unit A wheel encoder determines the vehicle’s location and keeps track of its movements. EQUIPMENT * Electric engine * Checking environment * IP phone for the communication to direct service * Multimedia station for video conference or video communication THE DASHBOARD IS EQUIPEMENT 1/ gps module to indicate the destination 2/ guidelines for the utilization 3/ wizard for the starting time 4/ Checking Engine and environment WHY CUSTOMERS WOULD PURCHASE YOUR ROBOT This robot vehicle is dedicated to the person with disability, or for the old person. Using a smartphone, the robot car can show up were you are. More secure because this robot can react faster than a human and a lot of accident can be avoid DIAGRAM OF HOW YOUR ROBOT WORKS The equipment is divided in two principal parts The first part is the information provided by the sensor, the radar and the wheel encoder. All those information will be an incoming data for the UC treatment. The second part is composed by the general Map and Assistance between the car and the central intelligent Server

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