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Name: Grace Esther Susilo Sample Outline I. Introduction: Developing self-consciousness cause robots to have feelings like humans. They are able to cry, laugh, smile and also take part in socialization. Humans are the the most perfect social creature that is being created in the world. However, human can be dragged into an unconscious condition also such as how they are not allowed to play roles in humanity. Sometimes humans are trapped by their own wild willingness without looking at social sense. These kinds of relations are drawn in these two movies titles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: I Robot, You Jane and Blade Runner.” Both could tell us how cyborg/ robot and human live in social places. Humanity is the main theme or focus in both movies that gives colors to the stories. These movies allow us to see that human can become more robotic and less human; however, a robot or cyborg can become more human because factors such as love and power can affect the humanity of both cyborgs and humans. I. Point or focus: (Each Point should a) provide the mini-argument of the paragraph and b) connect back to the thesis.) a. Evidence used to Illustrate that point: • Love is a factor that affects a character’s humanity. • Love can have either positive or negative impacts towards their sense of humanity. • Robots do not have any sense of love. • They neither have emotion nor feelings. They cannot take a part in humanity where feelings are a must. b. A related piece of evidence/Illustration if necessary or appropriate: • Blade Runner, robots start to feel sense of humanity as the story develops. • The scene where Batty kisses Pris, whereby both are replicants. • Beginning of movie it stated that replicants have everything, which consist of biological parts, but they are lacking with one thing, which is emotions. They don’t have emotions because of their

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