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Lei Smith Professor Dharren Lei 10 September 2011 After listing all the functions the robot would have to perform to behave like human being, the list kept getting longer. During the time of thinking that everything was included then that’s the time that something else would be thought, this is the problem of this approach. The autonomic nervous system is less important for a robot than for a human being because in humans, the autonomic nervous system has two parts, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic system gives help to all the emotions that humans possess and be ready to be used by the body to deal with them. The parasympathetic system attempts to keep things running smoothly without all the good and bad situations. So there is a need to reduce on the autonomic nervous system and building a robot like Mr. Spock, without emotions, but including the ability to watch and check things such as temperature and power supply. The part of the brain that can be made smaller to save space because they are less important for a robot than for a person is the limbic system especially if the robot doesn’t need to have emotions. The hippocampus is especially important for a robot because this will monitor the reticular activating formation mechanism to see that incoming information is properly edited, and that important information is sent to the cerebral chips for storage. Making room for all the proposed robot which is supposed to be super thinker, great mathematician, and speaker of a variety of languages at the top of the head is going to be a problem. Work Cited Morris, Charles G., Albert A. Maisto. “Psychology: An Introduction.” 11th Ed. 2001. Microsoft Word

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