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ROBOQUAD A Fusion of Technology and Personality User Manual Item No. 8039 | Ages 8+ Welcome Congratulations on purchasing your new Roboquad™ from Wowwee! Before using this product, carefully read this manual and retain it for future reference.  Contents Welcome Getting started Battery Details Roboquad Remote controller Low Power Roboquad overview Controller overview Roboquad infrared receiving range Remote controller function chart Button overviews 1. Shift 2. Personality settings - Activity, Aggression, Awareness 3. Program button 4. Autonomy 5. Demo button 6. Rotation buttons 7. Stop button p.1 p.4 p.4 8. Directional pad Roboquad Basics Terminology Power on / off Sleep and power down Stop and reset Movement Walking Independent leg movement Head movement Rotation walking Personality settings - Activity, Aggression, Awareness Introduction LEDs Activity Aggression Awareness p.12 p.13 p.14 p.5 p.6 p.7 p.8 p.9 p.9 p.10 p.10 p.10 p.11 p.11 p.15  Contents Sensors Light Sensor Sound Sensor Autonomy Autonomy Obstacle avoidance Exiting autonomy Guard mode Entering guard mode Guard mode scanning Reactions Exiting guard mode Demos Dance demo Movement demo Volume p.16 Scanning Introduction Smart-scan Scan (left/right) for nearest object Approach nearest object Escape walk Flinch Programming Program Support p.18 p.16 p.17 p.19 p.19 p.17 p.18  Getting Started / Battery Details Getting started Remote controller Bottom view of remote controller To use your Roboquad, insert batteries (see below), turn him on, and then try some of his functions from the remote controller, or read on to discover more about the abilities of this friendly alien invader. Battery Details Roboquad Bottom view of Roboquad’s™ body Battery requirements

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