Robinson Crusoe Review

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Robinson Crusoe is written by Daniel Defoe and is about the life of Robinson Crusoe who was stranded on a remote island after his ship crashed in a terrible storm, which killed all his companions. Crusoe has to search for ways to survive and hunt for food and shelter. He manages to save some provisions from his wrecked ship which helps him to create living areas, but he still has to use his own initiative to stay alive; eventually he manages to breed goats and grow corn and wheat to make bread. After a few years he discovers that cannibals occasionally land on the island and that he has been incredibly lucky to avoid meeting them so far. To start with he is filled with rage at their lifestyle and plans to kill them but then realises they have done nothing to him so he doesn’t have the right to. He is helped in this decision by his trust in God, who he turned to since landing on the island. Several years later the savages land again and that time he does kill two of them, in order to get himself a servant who he called Friday. He civilises Friday and when another band of cannibals land the pair kill them and save two of their prisoners, one being a Spaniard and the other being Friday’s father. They inform Crusoe that there are more Spaniards on land nearby and go in a boat to fetch them. However before they return an English ship arrives with three prisoners, including the captain as the rest of the crew mutinied. Crusoe again saves the prisoners and they sail back to mainland. A sugar plantation that Crusoe bought before his marooning has earned him a fortune and he pays back everyone who has helped him over the years. The story ends with him and Friday crossing French mountains in order to return to England without going by sea. The main character in this book is obviously Robinson Crusoe. I think Crusoe explains his feelings well, but that he is not very
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