Robinson Crusoe Assignments Essay

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Robinson Crusoe is a man of honour, courage and privileges. He serves as a fine example of the idea behind superiority amongst the white folks. His self-asserted responsibility to educate/civilize Friday, serves as a strong example of how he subtly thinks of himself as being superior in nature, even though he himself may not think of himself as being it. Another example is how he makes Friday carry most of his weapons, and letting him do all the practical work. He has an uncanny ability to adapt when he shipwrecks on the island. Also he is quite handy, evident by how he makes Friday some clothes from the wreck. He is also depicted as a courageous/adventure seeking man, not hesitating to protect Friday from the other cannibals, and later setting out to explore the island further, amidst the fear of being attacked by the cannibals. Another positive trait is his sense of honour. After becoming a religious man on the island, he starts to percept life in another way. After killing Friday’s attackers, he requests that they are buried, possibly because even though that they are monsters to him, they still deserves to be giving an honourable burial. Another showcasing of the trait is when he requests the burning of the leftovers at the “feasting-altar”. Dear Sir Robinson Crusoe I cannot thank thou enough for the kindness thee hast shown towards me. I hath a sudden urge to let out my feelings about this whole odyssey, which is why i bequeath thee this letter. The fact that I, Friday, was giving this extraordinary chance of becoming a high-standing, civilized Englishman, is the greatest thing that ever happened in my former savage life. Thou hast always been there for me, and I appreciate that. When danger was upon me yore, thou came down from the skies, like an angel, and vanquished those foul demons that tried to end my life. Not only did thee descend from the

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