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Close reading Before starting, Crusoe overlooked the issues and limitations he might encounter whilst creating the canoe. Crouse was aware that he would struggle within the making as he had limited resources, including tools and equipment to support him. Another challenge Crusoe faced was the fact that he only had one pair of hands, not enough strength and power to place the canoe in the water. This was a confronting and difficult challenge Crouse should have considered before the beginning. His absence of an additional source of power to assist him was a larger problem to him then the dilemma of not acquiring any equipment or tools to aid him. Another encountered challenge Crouse faced was the positioning and placement of the canoe. The canoe positioned downhill -endured difficulty for him to shift its position or move it towards the water. The formation of Crusoe’s canoe included several styles and ways until it was completed. Crusoe started by selecting to construct his canoe by using a cedar tree that its measurements suited the size of the canoe he had in mind to build. Twenty days in the process Crusoe had finished hacking the bottom of the tree. After another fourteen days of progress he had removed the branches and limbs. Using an axe and hatchet, Crouse hacked and hewed at the tree until he finished cutting it down. A month later the canoe was reshaped and three months after that the inside of the canoe was cleared with a chisel and mallet. Crusoe first attempted to shift the canoe by digging a slope downwards. This failed, leaving him to think of the possibility of constructing a dock or canal. He decided to measure the distance from ground to water, also considering how deep. He began to dig, only to come to the realisation that it will take him several years to accomplish it. It consisted of a large amount of hard labour, and deemed

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