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Robinson Crusoe Individuals come across hardships throughout their lives that make them think there is no escape, and often when feelings like that manifest people feel the only way to overcome a difficult situation is by turning towards religion. Robinson Crusoe is faced with many problems that force him to look upon God for help, and causing an awakening with then himself and his view on faith. However, like many people, do these cries for help actually mean a “true” religious conversion has occurred or is Robinson Crusoe simply turning to God for help out of convenience? Robinson Crusoe’s attitude towards his religious faith seems to alternate throughout the story. Crusoe views his father as the traditional idea of the Christian God himself yet disobeying him and his wishes anyways. Crusoe references God and his biological father several times throughout the story. “…leaving them to hear of it as they might without asking God’s Blessing, or my fathers” (7). Despite the fact that Crusoe is well aware that he will never get his father’s permission to go to sea with the idea that he to shall face the same fate as his brother whom died in war and his place is to be at home, Crusoe rebels leaving to go to sea anyways to find his fortune and adventure. His first voyage is short lived when the ship encounters a rough storm and leaves Crusoe thinking that the consequences of disobeying his father were already beginning. His fear that he will not see daylight again leads him to look upon God for comfort for the first time. “I made many Vows and Resolutions, that if it would please God here to spare my life this one Voyage, if ever I got once my Foot upon dry land again, I would go directly home to my father and never set it into a Ship again…” (8). However, Crusoe soon forgets his promises to his devotion and resolutions when he discovers that he and his shipmates will

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