Robinhood Case Essay

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Swot Analysis Opportunities: 1. Proposition of freeing King Richard -by securing the release of the King would be very beneficial to the merrymen, as it would secure their position adding as a source of income and also add more positive political light to their situation -the consequences of failing would be very negative, however in this case the benefits outweigh the negatives 2. Possible association with the barons -if Robin achieves success after joining the group of barons, this would be very beneficial to his league as well as power of his merrymen he would be free from the ruling of the Sheriff and especially Prince John 3. Using the Travellers as a source of income -due to their strong power in what they do in business in, the merrymen are well capable of taking money from others especially using them as a source of financial resources Threats: 1. Intensive power of competitive rivals; Sheriff and Prince John -two of Robin’s main rivals are the: Sheriff and Prince John, also the ones who pose the greatest amount of threat to his operation since they also have the most military capabilities as well as political connections -both of his rivals are also in direct competition with each other, so the actions of both must be closely watched -they combatively pose a high level of threat which can cause taxations to the residents of the forest, their persistent efforts to capture Robin Hood and his Merrymen suppliers is also on the higher end of the scale -because of them, at any point Prince John and the Sheriff, which will cut of their suppliers, could capture those who support Robin Hood 2. Intensive threat of Suppliers being abolished easily -the business Robin is involved in -his business is illegal and therefore a high level threat to anyone who works as a supplier for him -also at any point in time the
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