Robin Williams's Suicide

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Suicide Durkheimian Application I realize many students will look into Robin William’s recent suicide. However, this does not stop me from going into it myself. I would like to use Robin William’s as my suicide example, because of the reaction to the aftermath. The overall reaction to his suicide was “how could someone so loved by everyone commit suicide?” After all, many of us grew up watching his movies; he was the icon of my childhood and many others, which is why many of us took it personal. Robin Williams was mostly known for his comedy movies, but as it turns out he was also a filmmaker. Williams had a long career and a long family life; he had been married three times and had three kids. During his first marriage his son Zachary was…show more content…
His personal assistant found him hanging with a belt around his neck. Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider, also disclosed that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but had not spoken publicly about this. I believe Robin Williams’s suicide is egoistic, because not only is this type of suicide more related with the elderly but it also involves being disconnected from society. “Ordinarily, people are integrated into society by work roles, ties to family and community, and other social bonds. When these bonds are weakened through retirement or loss of family and friends, the likelihood of egoistic suicide increases.” (Crossman) I chose egoistic suicide to interpret Williams’s suicide, because it seems the most…show more content…
Robin Williams has been speculated to be an atheist, although his family was religious. Williams has always used God in many of his jokes; as a result many religions became upset because they did not hold the same belief as him. As I was researching I came across an article titled “Christians report Robin Williams is in hell,” I mention this to give an idea of how strongly the Christian (or many other religions) were against his own religion, his suicide, and his sense of humor. This article was filled with comments of Christians verbally attacking Williams; this (Christian) society had neglected him. His own values were not in agreeance with a majority of the society; therefore he belonged to the small part of atheist in the U.S. (compared to Protestants and Catholics) and was detached from a immense part of

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