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Case Study 1: Robin Hood 1) What strategic problems does Robin Hood have? Robin had several strategic problems which he had to worry about the campaign that was growing, the disposition of his forces (organizational communication/leadership), the sheriff’s recent moves and growing forces, and the options that confronted him. Also the dire consequences the sheriff was thinking of. One of the main concerns was that profits were diminishing as the group became bigger. Another one is that the group wasn’t the same culture when it first started out, sure it was all to fight against the sheriff, but they started picking up people that sound like they don’t really need to be a part of the group. Also his thoughts about killing the sheriff which went against the group statement and the offer that was given to him by the baron. 2) What is the role of the organizational leader as strategist and articulator of global goals? Define the mission – since the group became bigger it feels like it has changed. Also for his group heed needs to find out all the people that he’s affecting due to his large group, who’s at stake and to establish goals that the whole group can agree and work towards versus just being in a band of doing whatever it is they want to do. 3) How do group values or culture influence strategy making? As the group got bigger, its values changed and robin is trying to make changes to accommodate for expenses to keep the group alive plus it makes them feel they have a purpose. 4) What strategy can Robin Hood implement? Robin Hood should make his campaign more effective and efficient, and be ambidexterity of his resources to better suit his group going against the sheriff. He should have corporate governance so that they can keep the direction and performance of the group by establishing a more focused view of hierarchy of goals. Also making sure that his

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