Robin Hood Case Study

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Robin Hood Case Study Robin Hood is the childhood story that everyone knows and loves. Robin Hood had the statement “rob the Rich and Give to the Poor.” When we where children we did not see the bigger picture of what really was going on with Robin Hood. Robin Hood and his band had many problems starting to rise. With the fame Robin Hood started to receive their band grow larger and larger. The problems with that were with a bigger band the people grew less vigilance and discipline was harder to enforce. Food was getting shorter because the new recruits. Supplies had to be obtaining from the villages. Buying food became harder and harder because it was coming into the financial reserves. Robin Hood current mission was to rob the rich and give to the poor. Robin Hood needs to change it because the band is getting to large and everything is starting to cost too much. Robin Hood current objective is how to get Prince John from the throne. That objective did not need to be change because Prince John was a vicious and volatile man that has power to put trouble on Robin Hood and his band. The current strategies of the group are impose a fixed transit tax, expand the band geographically, kill the sheriff, or get the old kill back in power. The course of action that should be taking is for Robin Hood to join the conspiracy to pay the ransom and free the King and restore legitimate power to the

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