Robin Hood Case

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Strategic Management Robin Hood Case Analysis 1) What does the SWOT analysis reveal about the Merrymen`s situation? Situation analysis: The case is dealing with two characters Robin Hood and the Merrymen. They are doing the same business against the power of the Sheriff. The basic idea is they want to rob the rich and give it to the poor. The organization was a source of satisfaction for Robin, and has increased with associates to become a very powerful organization. The problem of Merrymen is that they want to destroy their biggest competitor, the Sheriff, who is becoming stronger and having a support of powerful friends. They are faced with a few problems and it was really difficult to solve it. They had no real strategy, power, support and finance enough. But the Merry men`s band was supported by the stakeholders, which are farmers and townspeople), the people were caring because they were also against the Sheriff. The Strengths and the weaknesses will be internal factors with the proximate influence inside of the band. Opportunities and threats will be external issues because the band can`t affect their creation. Straights: 1) Simple organization of the band: the small group in 1 year became the structured band with a Robin Hood ruled supreme taking a consideration of every action and making all important decisions. With their partners such as: a) Will Scarlet, who has a duty of scouting, collecting the information about on the travel plans of rich merchants and tax collectors; b) Little John, who had to keep the discipline and train the band`s archery; c) Scarlock, who took care of financial strategy; d) The miller`s son had the difficult task of provisioning the group of Merrymen. 2) Growth of recruitments: The Merrymen was very famous. The fame about him was spreading to every corner of England, the band became much larger. It will help

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