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Robert Stroud (Birdman of Alcatraz) Many people know of the Jail named Alcatraz , and some inmates that also where transferred there including a man named Robert Stroud all so known as (Bird man of Alcatraz) who was sent to Alcatraz in 1942. But before I get ahead of myself let me get to Roberts’s life before prison, Robert Stroud was born in Seattle, Washington, on January 28, 1890. He was the first child from his parents matrimony, with two half-sisters from his mother’s previous marriage. His father, Ben Stroud, was abusive, and his mother, Elizabeth, was unable to protect them from his alcoholic rages. He worked odd jobs around the country after leaving home at thirteen. Robert met thirty-six-year-old Kitty Brien in Cordova, Alaska when he was eighteen. She was a prostitute and a dance-hall entertainer at the time. They started a relationship and moved to Juneau. His criminal history that let him to jail didn’t start for a couple of years but, I found multiple crimes from different sources that they say he committed: For example, On January 18, 1909, an acquaintance of Kitty and Robert named Charlie Von Dahmer arrived at their house while Robert was away at work. He then grabbed and brutally beat Kitty. When Robert returned home and found Charlie beating Kitty so, then Robert reacted by shooting Charlie repeatedly. He was sentenced to twelve years at Mcneil Island Penitentiary in Seattle. But in one other report he was convicted when he was eighteen for shooting a bartender who had apparently failed to pay Stroud’s girlfriend Kitty O’Brian, for whom he was pimping at the time, full compensation for her services. Stroud apparently murdered the young bartender execution-style over a matter of ten dollars. Not sure which story was true but he was convicted of man slaughter in 1911 and also in both stories he was sent to Mcneil island penitentiary where

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