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Taking another’s life is sought out to be one of the most damaging and immoral crimes that one can commit. Murder occurs around the world everyday and can affect people in many different ways. Some feel no remorse about killing another, while some go mad with the thought of taking another human’s life. Committing the act of murder can make the most calm and collected people lose their heads, while some can hold their composure in tough situations. Only when someone can hold their composure, and feel no remorse about death, can they be recognized as a true killer. To look into the face of someone as you take their life away is something that only a select group of people can do, and these are the people we refer to as true killers. Robert Willy Pickton is someone who people refer to as a true killer. He single handedly shocked a nation with the barbaric acts that he committed in the mid 1990’, when he was responsible for the murderers of over 25 women; the exact number is still unknown. Not only did Pickton scar the minds and hearts of Canadians everywhere, but he also demonstrated what our human species was capable of. There had never been a serial killer case of this magnitude and the people of Canada were shocked to learn what had been happening to these missing women that seemed to be increasing every month. The citizens of Canada are forced to ask the basic question: “How did this man get away with what he was doing for so long?”. Sadly, Pickton preyed on the weak and desperate in Vancouver’s lower east side. He targeted women who would not be missed and whom he thought he would be able to make disappear without any recognition. And that’s exactly what he did. Robert Pickton continued to murder women for almost 7 years, until people began to take notice. The Robert Pickton case is one that will go down in Canadian history and will continue to be examined due to

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