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Stereotypes A Disability To Our Society? Blonde, tall, and beautiful; our first thought a “dumb-model”. She walks nonchalantly through the streets of Beverly Hills with her piercing blue-eyes as if no one was watching her. Her blonde hair appears as if they were the true rays of sunshine and her smile and if she modeled for Colgate toothpaste. We truly do not know that the dumb-model was neither of the two, dumb or a model. She actually is a graduate Harvard with a degree in Mathematics. Or even,“The Rocker”-dressed in black, free-spirited, and shabby hair. We presumtously agree that he is a marijuana smoker or even a satanic worshiper. It is really absurd how our mind jumps into clear and irrational assumptions, but we do it anyway. We judge ones IQ by the color of their hair, their occupations by ones physical appearance, and even their criminal history without even having one by the color of their skin. Stereotyping has been throughout centuries, it has been brought forth since the time of war when neighboring countries would meet and come into conflict. Today it seems it has been raised in a more subtle and convert…show more content…
Heilbroner he perceives stereotypes as “a kind of gossip about the world, a gossip that makes us prejudge people before we ever lay eyes on them” (5). Evidently we understand that to him our premature assumptions of cultures and people are created in the manner of a simple everyday commodity. We can clearly depict ones social class and well being by the way they are dressed and the color of their skin. In the movie Crash (2004) directed by Paul Higgins we can find a perfect example of how we life with our everyday premature assumptions encountered with our everyday premature assumptions that we create. In the scene where the mugging takes place, Peter and Anthony are presumed by Jean to be criminals and of a lower-class because of the way Peter and Anthony are

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