Robert Kosilek Crime

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Crime and Justice in the United States Thoughts and opinions about material covered in class. By: Bernice Mojica CJU131: Introduction to Criminal Justice Professor Francis Moore March 12, 2013 In my Criminal Justice course my professor, Mr. Moore, told us about a transgender inmate who is trying to get a sex change while serving life in prison. This inmate’s name is Robert Kosilek and he is guilty for murdering his wife. Kosilek was diagnosed with gender-identity disorder and U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf believes that surgery is the "only adequate treatment" for Kosilek's "serious medical need." Not only does Kosilek have a serious mental disturbance but he also believes that having the surgery rejected is a violation of his Eighth Amendment right to adequate treatment. His anguish from the disorder caused him to attempt to…show more content…
This case affects all of us on a personal level because were working hard to earn money and yet we have part of it taken away on each paycheck for some psychopath to change his penis to a vagina while someone with heart disease is dying in a hospital bed because he can’t afford a heart transplant. Are you kidding me?! As the stereotypical black woman would say, “Oh no you di’int!” Words can’t explain my anger towards this matter. Using the Eighth Amendment as an excuse is pathetic. I am aware of my professionalism in writing this paper due to the emotional level I took in approaching the matter. But I’m sure I made a valid point in which I question whether or not we have a say in what happens with our tax money. I believe the interpretations regarding the Bill of Rights have gotten out of control. Maybe our society has become too Liberal to the point where we don’t think before we act. We just give in because we lack the patience to deal with problems
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