Robert Kennedy Essay

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What America Needs Robert F. Kennedy once stated, “We didn’t inherit this land from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our children.” Being an activist is all about your theories on life and the world around you. For the lack of a better word your ethics. Throughout the history of America we have had several people standing up for what they perceive as right, such as Rosa Parks, Abe Lincoln, Michael Moore, and that is only the beginning. I could go on for weeks. Becoming an activist doesn’t happen overnight. It is the result of personal growth and compassion. Stepping outside of the box that many people build around themselves to see more important aspects of life such as the greater good for humanity. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been through the ringer and back again, never failing to write out, speak out, or stand up for his beliefs. The environment is something that we should always take into consideration. After all, where would be without it? The road to self-realization isn’t always paved in gold. You would expect someone such as a Kennedy to have the easy way out. Someone there watching your every move and ready to save you if you don’t make the right one. Well, that wasn’t the case for Robert. Before finding out what his aspirations were he battled a drug addiction which ultimately landed him in court. According to the New York Times in 1983 he pled guilty to possession of heroin. He walked away with probation and 800 hours community service (McFadden 1). I believe that he may have gotten off a little light because of his last name; but luckily this was enough of a wakeup call to push him into the right direction. He completed his community service for the Hudson River foundation which is now known as the Riverkeepers. The focus of the Riverkeepers is the cleaning up and revitalization of the Hudson River. This river at one point was the dumping

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