Robert Harris 'I See a Killer Die'

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The reporter wants the reader to sympathise for the double killer Robert Harris. He says “gurgled and gasped for air as the cyanide gas choked the life from him” The reporter has used strong emotive language to emphasize the pain harris went through. In the article the reporter clearly wants to make the reader feel like Harris was killed in the worst way possible. The writer states “If you asked me i’d say that was not a clean humane way to die “ this makes the reader feel like it was a horrible way to die and he wouldn’t report on it again. In the article I see a killer die the reporter wanted us to be in favour of Harris when he wrote “We had heard he had broken down and cried to a guard shortly before he was tied to the chair with leather straps” This makes the reader feel as if Harris was remorseful towards the victims families. The reporter wants us to feel hatred towards the murderer Robert Alton Harris. He wrote “Robert Harris winked at the guard” This makes the reader feel anger and hatred towards robert because he hasn’t shown any sympathy or made any apologetic actions towards the victims parents. For me the article ‘I See A Killer Die’ tries to perceive Robert Harris to be a good guy who made a bad mistake. I think this because the reporter said “ He was trying to deny his victims families to watch him suffer like his victims suffered.” This makes the reader get the impression that he was utterly ashamed of what he has done and he regrets his actions deeply. The author uses two methods in the article and one of the is fact and opinion, an example of a fact is ‘Michael tries to run, but he was gunned down with four shots’ the quotation creates an emotional response because it is blunt and represents the brutality in which one of the boy’s was killed. A second example of a fact was that “ Harris was sentenced to death” this one quote summarises
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