Robert Frost Analysis (dreaming)

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Robert Frost Essay People have always had a continuing tendency to dream. The masses use these dreams as an escape from the harsh and cruel thing we call reality. Reality is an issue that all people must deal with and Robert Frost is no exception. Robert Frost had some very grief filled times in his life. He lost many of his loved ones in several tragic ways and in short periods of time. The death of his son, Elliot, and the death of his mother were both in the same year. This was a strong dose of reality to Robert and an alteration from his accustomed blissful farm life. In many of his poems, Robert Frost presents a strong sense of imagination and dreams which are used to represent the truth of reality. Confirming Robert Frost’s style of using imagination and dreams will be done by proving that he does use imagination and dreams in his poems and then continuing to prove that he uses them to compare to reality. Mowing will be used as the focus poem Robert Frost, in his poem ‘Mowing”, presents a strong dream like tone and imagination. A dream by definition is “Something of an unreal beauty, charm, or excellence” . A key characteristic of a dream is the very faint senses that are active within the dream itself. Robert Frost uses vague imagery to depict a dream-like atmosphere. In his poem ‘Mowing’, he gives faint images of the atmosphere being portrayed. In the second line of ‘Mowing’, for example, he says that “And that was my long scythe whispering to the ground”, thus showing that there is minimal imagery present. In that line there is barely any visual imagery present. He only describes his scythe whispering to the ground. He does not give any detail to the scythe or does not mention anything about the ground itself, which is uncommon in Robert Frost’s poems as all of them contain very heavy imagery when it comes to nature. In ‘Mowing’, Robert Frost (as would
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