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Adam Green 3-18-11 Robert Emmet: An Irish Martyr According to Bold Robert Emmet, by Seán Ó Brádaigh, Robert Emmet was the 17th child of Dr. Robert Emmet and Elizabeth Mason, born in 1760 AD to a Protestant family. Only three of his siblings lived despite the fact the father was a doctor. However, Robert Emmet did not conform to the Protestant mould – he became an advocate against Catholic oppression. He was for the independence of Ireland. As Ó Brádaigh continues, Robert Emmet attended Trinity College when he was fifteen and a half. Emmet was a thinker and a gifted mind. He won several prizes for mathematics, physics, and science. Aside from that, he was also a master orator. According to Seán Ó Brádaigh, the following was said of Emmet, by a friend, Thomas Moore: “Were I to remember, indeed, among all I have known, who appeared to me to combine in the greatest degree, pure moral worth with intellectual power, I should, among the highest of the few, place Robert Emmet.” He was a principled man and had great potential for academic success - but he was to take another path. While studying at Trinity, Robert became involved with the United Irishmen (3rd source), as secretary of one of its branches. It was this involvement that put an end to his studies and academic career in Dublin – after briefly considering a trade, he then turned to pursue what his heart yearned for – an independent Ireland. Mr. Emmet was a man with a sharp mind and a burning heart for the people of Ireland. In the midst of this, Robert became romantically involved with Sarah Curran. Ó Brádaigh, gives a bit of background to this woman. She was the daughter of John Philpot Curran, a well-known lawyer. Associated with pro-Catholic sentiment, her father was known to have provided service to United Irishmen in lawsuits. Having known Sarah for perhaps 5 years, the two were a

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