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Robert E. Lee was born on January 19, 1807 in Strartford, Westmoreland County, Virginia. And died October 12, 1870 as a war hero to the people in the South. Since Lee grew up in Virginia it made a huge impact on his decision to fight for the South. Although he spent years in the US military; he decided to fight for his homeland, not against it. He spent the last of his years fighting in the Civil War battle grounds, and always using his best battle strategies. Robert E. Lee was a great general. Lee may of fought for the side that lost, but he still took pride in his decision of fighting for his homeland, the South. Lee had a good life when he was young. He was the youngest son of a great American Revolution general, Henry Lee, and a smart woman, Annie Hill Lee. Lee grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. This is where he attended school, and enjoyed fun activities outside along the nearby river. In the year of 1825, Lee entered West Point to attend the Military Academy. Four years later he graduated second best in his class of forty-six. Soon after his graduation he married Mary Custis in 1831, later having seven kids. In 1836 Lee became the second lieutenant, and in 1838 he became a Captain. In this ranking he took part in the Mexican War in the 1840’s. After many battles he repeatedly won distinction of his conduct and bravery. Lee was in the military before the Civil War had started to be brewed. While fighting in the Mexican War in the 1840s, he fought alongside some of the generals he later fought against in the Civil War. Robert E. Lee was a great…show more content…
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