Robert E. Lee Letter Analysis

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Dinner with Mr. Lee Hi, my name is Andrew Reyes and it is 6 pm. I received a letter a day ago from General Robert E. Lee. Robert was a general of the Confederate army during the Civil War from April 12, 1861 to April 19, 1865. The letter read; Dear Mr. Reyes, My name is Robert E. Lee. I will be visiting your town Los Banos, California. In my time visiting there I will have dinner with the recipient of this letter. Therefore when I arrive you have the choice of our restaurant that we go to. Best Regards, Robert E. Lee That’s why I’m waiting outside of the small airport on the edge of town. I’ve made my decision to go to Olinda’s. Olinda’s…show more content…
After we got seated Mr. Lee ordered a coffee to drink and I ordered a root beer. Then I gave him some time to look at the menu. When the girl came back with his coffee he ordered a well-done steak with a side salad. I ordered a medium-rare steak with a side of fries. After the girl left to submit our order Mr. Lee poured two creamers into his cup and stirred it with his spoon. I asked, “I have a couple of questions for you if that’s fine.” “Oh, That would be great.” Responded Mr. Lee. “Ok, First, when you were promoted to general at the beginning of the Civil War what did you do?” I asked. “ Well to tell you the truth I didn’t take it because I could only be promoted after the war in peace time but they still considered me a general even though I wasn’t wearing the stars to prove it.” Said Mr. Lee “Ok next what happened on Cheat Mountain that got you so badly blamed for the set backs that you encountered during that battle?” “Um, the things in that battle were tough, the approach route was so uncoordinated the three assigned Confederate brigades never made contact with anyone else wich made the battle even harder along with the limited visibility, rain, fog, dense forest, and mountaness terrain made for a difficult uphill battle against Fort Milroy and Nathan kimball’s forces.” Responded Mr. Lee taking a drink of his

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