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GCSE English Literature for AQA Specification A resource sheets Heroes Robert Cormier Activities by Tony Childs © Harcourt Education Limited, 2006 The following pages consist of teacher’s notes and classroom support sheets for Heroes by Robert Cormier. These resources are to help students who are studying Heroes as part of the AQA GCSE English Literature specification. These pages can be freely downloaded and printed out as required. This material may be freely copied for institutional use. However, this material is copyright and under no circumstances can copies be offered for sale. The publishers gratefully acknowledge permission to reproduce copyright material. AQA GCSE English Literature Heroes – Robert Cormier Contents…show more content…
He goes to Nicole’s old home, though he has been told by Norman Rocheleau, a soldier from Frenchtown, that she had become a recluse then left the town. He goes to the Wreck Centre, and meets Arthur Rivier and other war veterans in St Jude’s Club. He asks about Larry LaSalle. His face is slowly healing, but his ‘mission’ is the most important thing to him. Larry returns, and Francis goes to find him, with a gun in his bag. Larry is fragile, and has lost the use of his legs. Francis draws his gun, but Larry has his own, and tells Francis to leave. He does so, and hears Larry shoot himself. Francis goes to the convent to see Sister Mathilde, and then travels to see Nicole in her final year of training in Albany. She tells him to be a writer. It is clear that their relationship will not resume, and Francis…show more content…
2 How does the first description of Nicole establish her character? Look carefully at the words used about her in the paragraph beginning ‘Nicole Renard was small and slender’ (page 8). 3 In the five paragraphs that follow the sentence ‘I knelt there like a knight at her feet’ (page 8), how does the writer describe Francis’s words and actions to show that he is very young here? 4 Look at the paragraph beginning ‘I was so startled by her voice’ (page 11). How does the author show that Francis is very young here? Chapter 3 1 Find the sentence ‘I stare at the final proof that Nicole has gone away’ (page 14). How does the writer move from one time period to another here? 2 In the page following this, what is suggested about Nicole, and how she changed after Francis left? 3 In the section beginning ‘I can never trace the moment …’ (page 18), how does the writer move from one time period to another? 4 In the section beginning ‘I don’t want to think about them’ (page 18), in what ways is it suggested that the soldiers are not heroes? How is it suggested that war is brutal and nasty rather than heroic? © Harcourt Education Limited,

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