Robert Campeau's Life And Accomplishments

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When looking at the different players and factors that make and break a deal, it is always paramount to recognize the people involved and what role they play at every step of the deal. In selecting my subject, I was intrigued yet disappointed about how someone who had effectively succeeded in his business ventures had risked everything due to his greed and hubris and, as a result, lost it all in the end. Robert Campeau was born in Chelmsford, Ontario on 3 August 1923. Growing up in a poor, French area of Sudbury, Campeau was one of fourteen children, only seven of whom survived infancy. At an early age, Robert Campeau demonstrated a clever skill for carpentry and mechanics, possibly picked up from his father, a former blacksmith and auto-mechanic. At the age of fourteen, his formal education ended in eighth grade which lead to his first employment at the International Nickel Company of Canada, in the mining complex near Sudbury, Ontario (John Rothchild,…show more content…
In Ottawa, he built both office complexes and residential subdivisions to accommodate Canada’s rapidly expanding civil service. Campeau had friends and enemies; enemies were Ottawa major Charlotte Whitton; other rivals were the developers who controlled Assaly Construction Limited and the family of Lorry Greenberg, Ottawa’s future major, who controlled Minto Developments Inc (John Rothchild, 22). As a developer, despite his many detractors, Robert Campeau developed a reputation as a high quality builder and the most successful in the city. However, one of the key reasons he excelled in Ottawa was because not only did he thoroughly understand the real estate industry but moreover had many government connections in Ottawa, both federal and provincial, including Jean Chrétien (Catherine Mulroney, 18). These people assisted Campeau obtain building permits and/or encouraged people to choose Campeau as a developer for their building
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