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History Heritage Assignment “Robben Island celebrates only ANC activists and does not deserve its status as a national heritage site.” Argumentative essay Robben Island is a place of heritage which exhibits South Africa’s shameful past and the life of Nelson Mandela. The island, just off the coast of Cape Town, held black political prisoners which fought against the tyrannical Apartheid system. It is a symbol of the brave struggle activists ranging from white to the black resistance. It is now open to the public and worthy of its status as a national heritage site. The struggle group the Pan African Congress (PAC) was concentred on during the tour the Holding cell of PAC leader Robert Sobukwe was one of the exhibits of the bus tour. The guide explained the origins of the PAC and stated its struggle credentials. More importantly, the guide gave the PAC credit for the Sharpeville March, which caused uproar overseas and had great influence in South African history. This shows that Robben Island celebrates other struggle groups and not only the African National Congress (ANC). White resistance was addressed in the tour. On some occasions the guide emphasized the fact that the white resistance played an important role in the collapse of Apartheid and the formation of the new South Africa. One example is the mentioning of one white political prisoner, who spent only three weeks on the island before being sent to Pretoria Central Prison. This praise for the white resistance continued with the pointing out that some warders gave, if asked, the prisoners an extra blanket during the cold winters. The international community was also praised. On the bus and during the prison tour, the guides thanked the tourists, that their counties were one of the reasons why a democratic South Africa was formed. The tour focused on Robben Island as a place of exile. A brief

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