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Rob Ford should not have been removed from office because the ruling was not fair, his actions was for good not evil, and i believe he should be guilty for what he have done but he doesnt deserve to be removed. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was plated guilty for Conflict of interest and was removed from office. He was plated guilty for using $3,150 of government money of transport donations for his football team. “ This entire matter began because I love to help kids play football. When this came to council for a vote, I felt it was important to answer the accusation that had been made against me.” Before the ruling was final, the result of conflict of interest include: • suspension from office for 120 days • Probation, under the supervision of the integrity commissioner • Removal from committee of council, or removal as chair • A public reprimand by the judge. After countless weeks of attending courts and office debates, he was plated guilty. The questions is was the court ruling fair? Should Rob Ford deserve to be removed from office? Well first off, the money he used was not for his own interest, it was a donation for his community, and the team needed transportation. But using $3,150 of government money was uncalled for. He have used his own money or ask the school of assistants. If he was going to use the money, he should order a school bus instead of a coach bus. The price is cheaper and maybe court would cut him some slack. I believe he should be guilty for his own actions but the ruling of removing him from office was a bit over the top. I believe he should be suspended for large amount of days and or pay back the money used for his football team. Ford was a great mayor of Toronto and its deeply sad for me and family to see him gone. Even though i don’t watch the news about the government and politics, i don't think he should be removed like

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