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Substance Abuse against Public Officials Drug abuse has tainted our nation and its citizens to believe that taking illegal drugs can be non prohibited and can not be taken seriously. Many public figures have taken the wrong turn and has either been in possession of illegal drugs and/or has taken them. Because public figures are set to be as an example and a representation of their position, the idea of taking illegal substances has been almost negligible to some. Allegations of drug abuse and other scandalous actions have caused the current mayor of Toronto, Robert Ford, to become the target of the wrath of Toronto city council members. The parties who are against Ford, have created a negotiation to remove Ford from his position as a result of these allegations and other irresponsible actions he has made. However, after admitting to drug abuse while in office, Ford has refused to step down from his position by arguing that he was elected with majority votes and by the right of democracy he is entitled to hold that position. Although many individuals stand by democratic assumptions and believe that tabloids have over exaggerated Ford's issue, Ford's use of major illegal drugs and inappropriate behavior has crucially damaged his mayoral position and his reputation, with or without the tabloids opinions and stories on this matter. Those who have different views on this matter make understandable points because of democratic suppositions and the priviledge to decide who should stand in the mayoral position. In fact, a recent poll came out to see how many citizens in Toronto were in favor of Ford resigning from his position and who wanted him to remain in it. The poll showed that two thirds of Toronto residents think Ford should resign after he announced that he is taking a leave of absence to seek help for alcohol abuse (Alamenciak). Despite the fact that the

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