Roast or Toast

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Roast or Toast Prepare a 2-3 minute oral speech as a roast or toast of four of the historical figures listed below. Include: • Major contributions: Consider-strength of character, contribution to America, ability to articulate ideas, personal courage • Limited biographical information • Supporting evidence which would put the in the roast or toast category • How does the individual fit into one of the major themes (nationalism, reform, religious awakening, sectionalism, and expansion). • Visuals / PowerPoint • You may dress the part Susan B. Anthony John J. Audubon George Bancroft Phineas Barnum Catherine Beecher George Caleb Bingham Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell Amelia Bloomer William Cullen Bryant Peter Cartwright George Catlin James Fennimore Cooper Louis Daguerre John Deere Dorothea Dix Neal Dow Charles G. Finney Robert Fulton Sylvester Graham Horace Greeley Sarah Josepha Hale Washington Irving Ann Lee Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Francis Cabot Lowell James Russell Lowell Mary Lyon Horace Mann Lucretia Mott Cyrus McCormick William H. McGuffey William Miller Samuel Morse Charles Wilson Peale Carl Schruz Samuel Slater Joseph Smith Elizabeth Cady Stanton Lucy Stone Brigham Young Sarah Grimeke Gilbert Stuart Alexis de Tocqueville Noah Webster Eli Whitney Stephen Foster John Greenleaf Whittier Emma Willard Robert Owen John Humphrey Noyes Choose 1 from the list for Roast/Toast (Not grey) Choose 9 for PowerPoint Gallery Walk (Only 1 grey) American University Admissions Board Score each of these on the following criteria (1 = Low; 5 = High): A. Strength of Character B. Contribution to American culture/society C. Concern for welfare of others D. Ability to articulate his/her point of view E. Personal courage |
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