Roaring 20's Essay

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Roaring 20's Post WWI Politics Harding (R) took office in 1920-corrupt administration, dies in office of heart attack. Calvin Coolidge (R) 30th pres., pro business policies led rapid growth Herbert Hoover (R) 31th pres. 1920's economy Stock market was strong (bull market) Many Americans incomes rose Installment buying existed as people rushed to buy new inventions (radios, vacuums, refrigerators) Prohibition 18th amendment banned alcohol in u.s. Alcoholism and liver disease declined, however ban was ineffective. Many found ways around law-making own liquor or smuggling liquor from Canada/Caribbean (bootleggers). Speakeasies-illegal bars sprang up across country. Only 1500 agents enforced prohibition. Organized crime increased, gangsters supplied steady stream of alcohol. Al Capone "scarface"-Chicago's ruthless gangster. Jazz age 19th amendment.…show more content…
Louis armstrong Tax evasion Pops, Trouble below the surface Uneven prosperity Farmers-incomes shrunk by 50% Labor union membership dropped-courts sided w/businesses. Red scares Soviet Union est. communist state-Americans feared it would spread. Americans featured sabotage by anarchists who interfered w/factories. Govt harsh on "reds" and deported many foreigners. Sacco and vanzetti Italian immigrants (anarchists) executed for murder in 1927. Many felt the two were convicted because they were immigrants and radicals. Quota system Nativism- anti foreign feeling existed. Quota act of 1921-allowed only certain #of people from ea. country to enter u.s. Favored certain areas of world. Rebirth of KKK in 1915-new aim to preserve U.S. for white, native born. Life during the 20's Population increase Urbanization-people moved from farms to cities(jobs). Great migration-blacks left south, escaping racism. Harlem renaissance-rebirth of A.A. Culture (NYC) art, music, lit. Marcus Garvey- "back to Africa" built racial pride to cope with

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