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History Essay Exams The 1920s also referred to as the “Roaring Twenties” because of its major upscale economically, under the John Calvin Coolidge administration. There are many different components that that contributed to the prosperity of the economy in the 1920s. One factor that helped the economy prosper was the increased population in the 1920s. During the 1920s the census showed that more people lived in cities than in the countryside for the first time in American history. And that’s mainly because people in the world were still classified as living in rural areas at the start of the twentieth century. In addition to the population, was that immigrants continued to arrive on America soil and provide cheap labor. Along with the population growth, led more people having education in the 1920s which led to stimulate the economy. Another factor that helped the economy prosper was the technology being invented in the 1920s. Like mass advertising through radio, helped stimulate the economy. Economic growth also resulted from the expansion of certain important big industries, which in turn stimulated many other industries, continuing a trend started during World War I. Businesses either expanded or merged with other companies in the decade, making half of all business income in the 1920s come from one hundred companies. The auto industry became the largest. The first cars appeared in Europe and America in the late nineteenth. Henry Ford, America’s first great auto maker, founded his Ford Motor Company in 1903. By 1929, one in five Americans owned a car compared to one in forty-three in England, and one in 7,000 in Russia. The auto business stimulated the steel industry, glass, rubber, oil, cement, asphalt, and many other business related to the car. The auto business also stimulated the housing industry as people moved to suburbia with their new

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