Roald Dahl Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Gerardo Bustamante Mrs. Haislip AP English Literature and Composition 16 March 2012 Roald Dahl: An Annotated Bibliography Stuart Parson Stuart Parson. "Dahl M for Magical; Are you a Roald Dahl fan? Books for Schools tokens return today and there are six of his titles in the new catalogue. Stuart Parson celebrates the world's best-loved children's w." Times of London. 20 Apr. 2009: 23. eLibrary. Web. 16 Mar. 2012. This online article is really helpful to understanding how Roald Dahl became a children’s book writer. Although he began as an oil factory worker and even a ww2 pilot, his knack for writing became apparent when an article of his was published. I believe that this is a decent source because although it might not provide too much information, it stays to the point of how Dahl became a writer. It seems very reliable because it was found on an online web center that only publishes from credible sources. This research is objective as it doesn’t offer its opinion, but rather sticks to the facts of how Dahl began to write. Thanks to the article being published scholarly, it offers a lot more credibility. This source helps as it gives me information on the beginnings of Dahl’s writing career. "Dahl, Roald." Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia. 2003. eLibrary. Web. 16 Mar. 2012. An excerpt from the Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia, this article dealt Dahl’s early life. It depicts his rough childhood and some of the injustices he witnessed as a schoolboy which helped inspire his later children books. This source is very reliable as it is taken from an encyclopedia. This source is purely objective as it only provides facts on his life and his works rather than the writer providing their opinion on Dahl himself or on his works. This definitely fits with my research as it says more of his life and his works. "Dahl, Roald (1916-1990)." Hutchinson Unabridged

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