Roal Dahl Essay

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“A good ending is one of the most important elements in a short stoy” Write an essay explaining your views with reference to the short story ypu have read, “lamb to the slaughter” Roal Dahl. “Lamb to the slaughter” is short story written by Roal Dahl in 1953. It is considered a short story because it has several of this genre such as characters, setting, plot and resolution. As in any art-form each author can choose either open or close endings, with or without moral or practical issues. In my opinion, the most popular stories are those which have a good ending. In Roal Dahl’s story, Mary Maloney is a young pregnant woman who is waiting for her husband Patrick to return from work. Although she is calm, kind and ready to please her husband at the beginning of the story, later on she experiences a kind of metamorphoses and subtly kills her husband; she changes from great wife to a murderer. Finally, she creates an alibi and feeds the evidence to the policemen. Throughout the story, Dahl makes use of different techniques in order to produce a gripping and shocking narration. For instance, irony is found since the very beginning, the title “lamb to the slaughter” is ironic because the leg of lamb is used as a weapon. Moreover, the characters are developed directly and indirectly. Not only does Dahl describe directly how Mary is: “her skin…translucent quality”, but also indirectly at the end she “began to giggle” so it is inferred that she may be nervous. Despite the fact that the short story ought to be considered as a whole when analyzing it, the chief element of each work of art is its ending. In this story, there is an abrupt, open ending which leads the reader to ask him/herself moral questions such as the punishment Mary Maloney would have received if she were discovered, was she mentally insane because of her actions? As far as I am concerned, Dahl wanted to
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