Roads, Highways And Public Transportation.

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These days population is of the most important topics to talk on. It has been observed that pollution in some cities and countries have been resulted on important damages of people’s health. On the other hand, smoke is one of the major cause’s damage our respiratory system and also can dry our skin and also can hurt our eyes. Increasing use of cars is one of the main contributions to the contamination in the air. The smoke came out of car contains lead particles which is really dangerous for our health. One way to reduce the emission of smoke is using public transportation frequently; however, government needs to invert money to improve the public services. Roads, highways and public transportation are interconnected. Lack of anyone will lead to the deficiency of the entire transportation network. In fact, transportation is one of the most important factors in every country development. It also encourages developing all other aspects to develop. We have to invest on transportation as much as we can to build bigger network of network, but the question arise how to invest efficiently. Should the government spend more money on improving rods and highways, or should government spend more money improving public transportation. It depends upon the situation of each country. Roads and highways have long been important and necessary of transportation for a long time; however, government should spend more money on public transportation these days. Public transportation creates less trouble, more durable, less air pollution and also economical. Despite the occasionally highly publicized incidence, the vast majority of public transport system is well designed and patrolled and generally has low crime rates. They have rarely cases that they hit and killed somebody. Good lighting, mirrors on vehicle to see blind spots and ensuring that there are always a good number of other

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