Road Safety Essay

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GROUP-6 ROAD SAFETY EDUCATION: S.U.P.W PROJECT: DON BOSCO SCHOOL,LILUAH 2014-15 GROUP MEMBERS: (L)GEET AGARWAL. CLASS-9D;ROLL.N0.17. GOURAV PRADHAN CLASS-9D;ROLL.NO.18 RITESH ROY. CLASS-9D;ROLL.NO.29 SUDIPTA GHOSH. CLASS-9D;ROLL.NO. ARNAB PAUL. CLASS-9D;ROLL.NO. DEBAYAN GHOSH.(DID NOT CONTRIBUTE NEITHER DIRECTLY NOR INDIRECTLY) CLASS-9D;ROLL.NO.15 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:WE ALL WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THOSE WHO HELPED US IN THE MAKING OF THIS PRESENTATION.WE ARE DEEPLY INDEBTED TO OUR PRINCIPAL,RECTOR,CLASS TEACHER OUR FRIENDS AND LASTLY THE MODERN TECHNOLOGY.WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE GOVERNMENT AND THE TRAFFIC POLICE DEPARTMENT TO HELP US IN OUR DAILY LIVES. OUR RECTOR. OUR PRINCIPAL. WHY ARE ROAD SAFETY RULES IMPORTANT? If you look around these days,do you notice that the number of road accidents in our country are increasing day by day.We need to do something before the situation becomes worse,so we must follow road safety rule to ensure our and the people nearby’s safety. LET’S BEGIN WITH SOME RULES WHILE WE SHOULD BE ON ROAD: -TRAFFIC RULES & REGULATIONS FOR PEDESTRIANS 1. Where possible, avoid walking next to the curb with your back to the traffic. If you have to step into the road, look both ways first. 2. Young children should not be out alone on the pavement or road. When taking children out, walk between them and the traffic and hold their hands firmly. Strap very young children into push-chairs or use reins. 3. Always walk on the footpath, they are meant for you. Where there is no footpath, walk in the right side margin of the road so that you can see the traffic coming in the opposite direction. 4. Cross roads where there are pedestrian crossings. They have been painted at great cost for your convenience. 5. Where there are no pedestrian crossings, watch the traffic on both sides and cross when it is safe. 6. Do not read

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