Road Safety Essay

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What device has science created to overcome road accidents during nigh-time and increase road safety? Road Safety has become a problem ever since cars were invented ,especially during night time,where statistics show that more than 40 percent of all fatal car accidents occur during night time, one of the main Sunlight provides the most crucial light source.When it goes down at night,there are a variety of man made lights that help drivers to safely navigate the roads. Our eyes will adjust to lower levels of light (pupils dilate in darkness and constrict in brightness) but they have difficulty functioning properly when switching from bright to dark or vice versa . This happens often on the road as drivers look directly into the headlights of oncoming traffic, thus ending in a severe accident. Yet what are scientists doing to improve this problem? There are only a couple of centimetres long and wide yet this device is said to have prevented over thousands of accidents on the road , Their design has remained unmodified in over 70 years, they seldom need to be cleaned because drivers run over them every day, What is this device? Cats eyes. These clever little things were first invented in 1934 by Mr.Percy Shaw of Halifax, Yorkshire, The story behinds its invention is that he noticed that he had been using tram lines to navigate in poor light and missed them when they where removed, He became aware that there was the space for an invention in which motorists would benefit greatly from, thus he made the infamous device Cats eye. Although the majority of the population use cats eyes overtime we go out driving we pay little attention to them and they are mostly an overlooked piece of skill full engineering ,the design of the cats eye is extremely ingenious which is why the invention has only undergone minor changes whilst other types of technology have need to

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