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It would be so easy if you could pull out a GPS for important decisions we have to make in our lives. That way we know we could never get lost. Unfortunately that is not possible yet. We have to make decisions all the time that we must live with whether they were good decisions or bad ones. We may make a decision that may get us to where we want to go or we may make a decision that leaves us wondering if we made the right decision. Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” focuses on the roads, which can be translated to mean choices, and which road is going to get him where he needs to go or where he should have gone. The poem is specifically stating that there are choices that we are going to have to make in our lives that we cannot back up and take back, so it’s very important to try and make the right decision. This poem is a formal poem written in four stanzas with 5 lines each. In the beginning stanza the speaker literally comes to a split on the road he is travelling. He is trying to decide which road to take because he can’t go both ways even though he wants to, “and sorry I could not travel both/ and be one traveler, long I stood.” (2-3) He then looks down one road to see how far he could see, “And looked down one as far as I could,/ To where it bent in the undergrowth,” (4-5). One of the symbols Frost uses in this stanza is the road symbolizing an important decision the traveler has to make. He tries to contemplate which decision to make but he cannot see into the future which is why he could not see beyond the undergrowth. Frost continues this extended metaphor of the road being choices in the second stanza and decides to go down the second path, “Then took the other, as just as fair,” (6) even though the second road is just as pleasant as the first. The reason he gives for taking the second road is that it seems a little more pleasing because it seems less

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